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Red Wall Fine Art hopes to bring artists into a cross-border platform and reinterpret the charm of art into a new perspective form. Thus providing to the public with a new cultural experience that is different from the traditional “gallery mode”.  At the same time work closely with  artists to explore and promote the development of Chinese contemporary art!

Shanghai Red Wall is specialized in the art design of the hotel as (St. Regis Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Hilton Hotel, etc.), large office clubs And crafts production, with professional design team and creative ideas. At the same time working with artist, master of crafts from others country to provide better quality and higher personality than the original works. Introducing unique artwork to meet the needs of a diverse market. Shanghai Red Wall integrity, strength and quality of products has been recognized by the industry and praise!

Red wall gallery also covers the glass steel cartoon sculpture, glass steel furniture, indoor and outdoor sitting bench, abstract modern square sculpture, rockery background wall, large landscape sculptures and other columns!




Huang Yi, graduated from Jimei University, a painter who love painting and good in realistic painting. She went deep into the Tibetan Plateau on many occasions to learn about Tibetan culture and drawing inspiration herself.

Her works have been exhibited at various domestic and international exhibitions, now is a member of the Artists Association, Hong Kong Hing Wah Gallery Distinguished artist, part of the outstanding works also participated in the Straits Arts and Culture Exhibition and Shanghai Art Fair, yet some of the artworks are display in luxury hotels as decoration such as Shangri-La, St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton and many more.